Stemcell und Freshcell

Stem cell of the white lotus.
The white lotus flower, also called waterlylie, has been a symbol of purity and beauty for centuries with its brilliant white petals. Stem cells are the basis of the body’s own regeneration of the cells. Plants also have stem cells. These are located at the tip of the shoot and at the root tips. These stem cells are obtained from the lotus flower using a very complex and careful process so that they act on our human skin cells. The stem cell extract of the Nymphaea Alba in the SwissGetal products mainly affects the dermis and its components. On the one hand, it increases the activity of the cells by stimulating and building up the synthesis of collagen. It is also able to regenerate our human skin stem cells, protect them from negative environmental influences, and counteract skin aging. The plant stem cells thereby significantly extend the lifespan of the skin stem cells and thus maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Fresh cells of the Fagus Sylvatica. The Fagus sylvatica (European beech) is a tree that grows in Switzerland and is also called the “Eternal young tree”. The tree can live up to 250 years, but the aging stops from the age of 60, which is why it got this name. The fresh cells for SwissGetal products are obtained from its sprouts, which form in spring. Under the strict supervision of a botanist, the sprouts are only picked by hand from a certain point on the tree, so as not to disturb the balance of nature. The beech sprouts are used to obtain the valuable fresh cells in a careful biotechnological process without the addition of chemical products or solvents. These contain the high-energy active components of the beech shoot. Integrated in the SwissGetal line, the fresh cells are able to stimulate the oxygen conversion in the skin and thus the energy of the skin cell. It works like a young skin cell again. These various processes rejuvenate the skin, smooth out wrinkles and increase the skin’s moisture content. This biotechnologically derived ingredient is a real Jung fountain for the skin.