Stem cell of the white lotus flower

The white lotus flower, also called water lily, has been considered a symbol of purity and beauty for centuries, with its bright white petals. As well as the human body, every plant has stem cells, which form the basis of the body’s own cellular regeneration. These are located at the top of the shoot and at its tips. These stem cells are removed from the lotus flower using a very elaborate and careful process. These are integrated into the SwissGetal products so that they can be effective on our human skin cells.


The stem cell extract of the lotus flower in the SwissGetal products mainly affects the dermis and its components. On the one hand, it increases the activity of the cells by stimulating and building up the synthesis of collagen. In addition, it is able to regenerate human skin stem cells, to protect against negative environmental influences and to counteract skin aging.


The plant stem cells of the lotus flower in the SwissGetal products can thereby significantly extend the life of the skin cell and therefore preserve the youthfulness of the skin.