SwissGetal embodies nature, purity and effectiveness.

SwissGetal’s formulations combine natural plant extracts and oils together with various biotechnologically derived cell extracts, such as stem cells from the lotus flower and live cells from the European beech (Fagus sylvatica). SwissGetal is therefore a skin care line whose ingredients both nourish and rejuvenate the skin in its entirety, while at the same time embodying a symbiosis of nature and science.

Stem cell of the white lotus flower

The white lotus flower, also called water lily, has been considered a symbol of purity and beauty for centuries, with its bright white petals. As well as the human body, every plant has stem cells, which form the basis of the body’s own cellular regeneration. These are located at the top of the shoot and at its tips.

Live cells of the European beech (Fagus sylvatica)

The European beech (Fagus sylvatica) is a tree which grows in Switzerland, also called the “tree of everlasting youth”. It got this name because it can live up to 250 years old, but its aging stops at 60 years old. The live cells for the SwissGetal products are obtained from its shoots, which form in spring.