1. How it all started

    The founders of the SwissGetal line were active in the beauty industry long before SwissGetal came into being and owned various beauty salons in Switzerland. Traditional cosmetics lines were not effective enough for the couple, so they wanted to combine their knowledge to create their own cosmetics line. The concept of SwissGetal was born.

  2. The SwissGetal name

    While walking in the Swiss forests and inhaling the pure and humid air, the couple philosophised about the name of their upcoming cosmetics line. Inspired by the fresh and healthy leaves on the trees, it became increasingly clear that the brand name should embody this beautiful scenery.

    The brand name “SwissGetal” was created from the words “Swiss” and “vegetal” (herbal).

  3. Research & development

    As the Swiss cuntryside and its flora were very important to the founders, the SwissGetal cosmetics line should be a symbiosis of natural ingredients and effective components. This combination has the effect of activating and regenerating your own skin cells.

    After collaborating with the most prestigious and internationally active laboratories, a solution was found to unite nature and technology: “cell biotechnology”.

  4. SwissGetal market launch

    After a comprehensive and intensive four-year test phase, the SwissGetal line was launched in 1997 and successfully introduced onto the cosmetics market.

  5. In-house laboratory & production

    With a smooth transition, production of the SwissGetal products began in an in-house laboratory including production facilities. As a result, the quality of production was optimally controlled, with the additional ability to react flexibly to international demands.

  6. The next step in cellular cosmetics

    Cellular cosmetics developed further in the following years, which meant that after a few years, stem cells were discovered in cosmetics. SwissGetal was one of the first brands to immediately integrate this innovation into its products. Therefore, the unique combination of fresh and stem cells and other active ingredients was realised.

  7. The second generation

    After 19 years of successful business worldwide, Claudia and Salvatore were also able to announce personal successes. With great joy, they were able to announce that their son Gioele Primoceri as well as their daughter Virginia Primoceri wanted to join the company. The second generation of SwissGetal had been created.

  8. The future

    The entire family is passionately ambitious, constantly developing SwissGetal and enriching it with the latest innovations.

    SwissGetal’s own laboratory and production facility are also being constantly modernised to provide the perfect conditions for research, development and production.

    SwissGetal is still a premium cosmetic line which impresses customers all over the world with its Swiss quality and effective products.

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Laboratory & Production

SwissGetal is not only a “Swiss made” cosmetics line, but is also produced on our own premises at our laboratory and production facility in the Swiss capital of Bern. As we have our own research and development department, SwissGetal can always react very agily to market demands and the wishes of our customers, and launch new high-quality products. The experienced research and development team always strives to integrate the latest and most effective raw ingredients into the SwissGetal products so that an effective impact can be achieved.


The SwissGetal line was designed to activate, revitalise and rejuvenate the skin and its cells, which have been stressed and damaged by aging and environmental factors. Mainly natural ingredients were used for the products, which are supplemented by active components.